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All proceeds benefit Child Advocacy's substance abuse and child abuse and neglect prevention programs in the local community.

Child Advocacy provides services to thousands of families in Gratiot County through education, training, and support for the prevention of substance abuse, and child abuse and neglect.
Child Advocacy could not do what we do and serve so many families without the help of the local community. Many people in the community say to us, "I wish I could help but I could never do the job that you do." If you are someone who wants to help but aren't sure how, we are looking for donations to make everything we do possible.
Donations provide education about body safety taught in the local elementary schools, training to future CASA Advocates who will become the voice for a child in the foster care system, a forensic interview to children who have been suspected of abuse, parenting classes, diapers, clothes, and formula to families in need, substance abuse and suicide prevention education to our youth, and the resources for us to continue as a staff to do our jobs everyday to make Gratiot County a better place to raise our families.

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